Reviewing the Blu Tech R3 Three Stage Water Filter System w/Off-Grid Filter

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About five years ago, I reviewed a dual cylinder water filtration system from Clearsource. Then two years ago, I checked out the three-cylinder system with the extra virus guard filter. I’ve been using that one ever since with great success.

Recently though, I got an email from a company called Blu Technology asking if I’d like to test out their water filtration system. I was immediately intrigued by the compact size and the quality-looking stainless steel components. I learned they are based in Michigan and tell me that most parts that make up the systems are made in the USA. So I decided to give them a whirl.

Clearsource compared to the Blu Tech R3

*Fair Disclosure* I received a complimentary R3 review sample from Blu Technology

Knowing that I liked to camp off the grid and already had my portable water pump setup, they recommended the Blu Tech R3 Elite. Also included is the specialized off-grid filter upgrade. The off-grid filter allows you to safely filter and drink water from any stream, river, or lake. Other Blu Tech models include built-in 12V pumps, some with an onboard battery pack.

Blu Tech S3 Water Filter System

In this video, I give you a close look at all the components that make up the Blu Tech R3 system. Then test its GPM flow rate filling my RV fresh tank and check how our various RV faucets perform. Finally, I perform a head-to-head comparison against my Clearsource system using similar filter types. I was curious to compare the gallons per minute flow rate between the much larger, heavier Clearsource with 10″ filters and the compact lightweight Blu Tech with 5″ filters.

Blu Tech R3 Water Filter System Review Video


  • Lightweight: 13 lbs
  • Compact Size: 8.25″x 9.5″x 14″
  • Stainless Steel Canisters & Ring Collars
  • Heavy Duty Steel Hose Quick Connects
  • Rugged Plastic and Aluminium Case Construction
  • Designed and Built in the USA


  • GPM flow is quite a bit less than larger Clearsource
  • Small 5″ filters may need to be replaced more often
  • Fairly pricey at around $500

Safe RV Fresh Water from a Lake or River

In this video, I take the Blu Tech R3 compact off-grid water filter system to a local lake. I demo how I pump lake water and filter it into clean, fresh water for safe use in our RV tank. To transport the water, I use a collapsible water bladder.

Stay tuned as I plan to test out the R3 system this fall & winter while camping off the grid for six months, and I’ll come back next spring with an update. I will be interested to see how the filters perform over that time, especially when faced with southwest desert water sources.

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Blu Tech R3 Water Filter Review Compact and Light Weight Made in the USA

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