LCI Solera Awning Light Install + Extra Power Switch Mod

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In this video, I install a Solera LED awning light kit from LCI (Lippert Components Inc.) The LED light strip slides onto a special bead sewn into the Solera awning fabric. It comes with its own power switch which needs to be connected to the RV 12VDC battery supply.

LCI Solera Awning Light

Disclaimer: I received the LCI awning lighting kit free of charge for the video. Other parts were purchased by me – Ray

While installing the LED awning light switch I decided to also add an extra power switch for the awning motor control. As I perform the installations I explain the various wiring hookups. First I add a special junction box for the new switches then splice into an existing 30A DC supply I had previously wired for my VIAIR air compressor power port. Finally, I added a 2A fuse to protect the awning lighting circuit.

Awning Light Install Schematic

Switch Junction Box

Caution! Depending on where you install the power awning switch it may be possible for things loaded into the storage compartment to hit the switch during travel. A protective cover or power disconnect could be added.

Awning light in day and night

The LED strip lighting kit was simple to install and provides a surprising amount of light at night with a very low power draw. Should be great for off-grid camping.

Video Detailing Awning Light and Power Switches Installation

Parts/Tools Used:

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Update: Added Protective Cover to Awning Power Swtich

LCI Solera Awning Light Install plus Extra Power Switch Mod

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