Lithium Battery Giveaway (Physical Pick Up Only) 3 Used Lion Energy UT1300s

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As I was heading back north this spring, I stopped off for a visit to the Lion Energy headquarters in American Fork Utah to meet the team and check out their operation. While I was there they were in the process of expanding the warehouse. Their business appears to be growing by leaps and bounds!

They also gave me a sneak peek at several products in development. One is a newer version of their flagship UT1300 lithium battery which I have been using for the last 3 years as my main power source when off-grid camping. If fact they have given me four of the newer batteries to beta test for them before the launch.

So that has left me with three surplus slightly used UT1300 batteries. Rather than sell them off I have decided to give them away to one of my viewers.

Lion Energy Safari UT1300 Giveaway Video

The drawing ended on July 1st, 2022. A fellow named Troy from Vancouver Island with a 2012 Cougar fifth wheel was the lucky winner drawn randomly from 260 entries.

Lion Energy UT1300 Review Videos:

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