Off Grid Fresh Water Gadgets for Boating + Pod of Dolphins!

Fresh Water and Dolphins Feature Photo

Early August 2023, we spent a few cloudy, rainy days in the Lund Harbour Marina, preparing to set sail on Vestri for a few months of wandering. In this video, I show you a few gadgets I have on board for acquiring, filtering, and pumping fresh water. I’ve been using them when out boondocking the … Read more

Flushing Out the Stinky Galley/Kitchen RV Waste Tank

Everyone knows the RV black waste tank can be a stinker, but as veteran RVers know, the kitchen, often called the galley grey tank, can sometimes be worse. Rotting food particles, cooking grease, and restricted flushing action when draining can contribute to a putrid-smelling tank. I find, like my RV, many of the galley tanks … Read more