Remote Solar Power Disconnect Switch Installation

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In this video, I install a remote disconnect switch for my 500-watt solar panel array.

I wanted a solar disconnect switch so I can manually disconnect the charging current to my new Lion Energy lithium battery bank before they come to a 100% state of charge. I’ve read if the lithium bank is only charged to 80-90 percent capacity, it will increase the lifespan of the battery cells. We spend summer months on full hookups. So, usually, the battery bank sits fully charged for weeks on end.

I thought a remote switch located in the bathroom next to my Trimetric battery system monitor would be a convenient location. From there, I can manage the charging of the lithium battery bank via the solar disconnect switch.

Rather than invest in a high end wireless remote switch, I’m trying an inexpensive electromagnetic 12V automotive battery disconnect switch from EKYLIN.
It draws about 1/2 amp to keep relay latched, so I do put up with some power loss. But the price was only $40.

Solar Panels Disconnect Switch Installation Video


I’ve since redone my solar wiring and decided to install a switchable breaker in an access panel inside the RV so no longer needed this remote switch. Also out of interest to some, I’ve found that my OEM WFCO charger converter will float my lithium battery bank at a 58% charge. I guess it gets tricked by the long charge wire run and the naturally higher lithium battery resting voltage. That actually works out perfectly for my long stays hooked to shore power.

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Installing a remote solar panel electromagnetic disconnect switch

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