Remote Solar Power Disconnect Switch Installation

In this video, I install a remote disconnect switch for my 500-watt solar panel array.

I wanted a solar disconnect switch so I can manually disconnect the charging current to my new Lion Energy lithium battery bank before they come to a 100% state of charge. I’ve read if the lithium bank is only charged to 80-90 percent capacity, it will increase the lifespan of the battery cells. We spend summer months on full hookups. So, usually, the battery bank sits fully charged for weeks on end.

I thought a remote switch located in the bathroom next to my Trimetric battery system monitor would be a convenient location. From there, I can manage the charging of the lithium battery bank via the solar disconnect switch.

Rather than invest in a high end wireless remote switch, I’m trying an inexpensive electromagnetic 12V automotive battery disconnect switch from EKYLIN.
It draws about 1/2 amp to keep relay latched so I do put up with some power loss. But the price was only $40.

Solar Panels Disconnect Switch Installation Video

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Installing a remote solar panel electromagnetic disconnect switch

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