Upgrading Lead Acid RV Batteries to Lithium – Lion Energy Safari UT

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In this first video, I introduce you to Lion Energy’s Safari UT battery that I will be installing in our Cougar fifth-wheel trailer. The Safari UT is a 12V 90AH Lithium Iron Phosphate battery designed as a drop-in replacement for typical lead-acid type batteries found in RVs.

I’ll be removing my current battery bank consisting of 4 Interstate 6V golf cart type lead-acid batteries and replacing them with 3 of the new Safari UT batteries.

The specs on this battery are impressive, to say the least. Best of all, it boasts a lifetime warranty. See more at LionEnergy.com

  • 100 amp max charging rate
  • 150 amp max continuous discharge rate
  • 3500+ charge cycles
  • Small Size – Group 24
  • Weight – 20.9 lbs

*Fair Disclosure* I received the Safari UT batteries free of charge from Lion Energy in exchange for a review. However, Iā€™m not sponsored by Lion Energy and received no monetary compensation for the videos. Opinions are my own.

Safari UT Introduction Video

In this next video, I clean up and reorganized my 12VDC power system wiring preparing for the installation of my 3 new Lion Energy Safari UT lithium batteries.  I go through the 12V power system, explaining what things are, and how it all works. I let you know the wire sizes I used plus all the fuses and breakers.

Reorganized My RV Power System Wiring

In this last video, I detail the installation of my new 3 Lion Energy Safari UT 90AH 12V lithium batteries. First I show how I charge the battery using my PD9260CV InteliPower charge converter. The new batteries come only partially charged due to shipping regulations. I needed to charge each to 100% before I could wire them together as a parallel bank. The PD9260 in the Charge Wizard manual boost mode of 14.4VDC did the job quickly.

Next, after screwing down my old Century Plastics battery box I install the three new Safari UT batteries. For wiring, I was able to reuse the 2/0 cabling from my old lead acid 4 battery bank. I used the foam packaging from the new batteries as insulation and shims to keep the batties in place and then used a ratchet strap to snug them down.

Finally, I show how I set up my Trimetric TM2030-V Monitor and Bogart SC2030 Solar Charge Controller combination to properly charge the new lithium battery bank.

Safari UT Battery Installation Video

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Stay tuned to the LYRV YouTube channel for future videos on my new Lion Energy batteries including Q and A, Testing/Demos, and a Full Review.

*Update* Buy the new higher capacity model Lion Safari UT1300 battery
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Lion Energy Safari UT 12V 100AH Lithium Battery Installation

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