Repairing Cracked RV Shower Head Holder (Oxygenics Fury RV)

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In the past seven years, we have now gone through 3 Oxygenics RV showerheads. I love the stream they put out. They are famed for good pressure, even at lower water flow rates. Perfect for water conservation when we are dry camping.

The only problem I’ve encountered with them is a poor holder design. Each one I’ve had has cracked after a couple of years of use. We are full-time RVers, so it does get regular daily use. I feel its a flaw with the holder design.

The holder is made of plastic. I imagine after a few years, the plastic starts to dry out, becomes brittle, and then cracks. They should make at least this part out of metal. To compound the problem, I can never seem to find just the holder to buy but have to end up buying a whole new shower head kit.

Anyway, enough of the rant. This time I decided to repair the cracked holder and see if I could make it more durable. I glued the crack back together with some Clear Gorilla Glue then covered the backside of the holder with a healthy coating of West System G/Flex epoxy. The G/Flex is used to fix plastic boats like kayaks. I’ve used it previously to repair cracks in my RV waste tanks, and its held up well!

Cracked RV Shower Head Holder Repair Video

So far, after several showers and wiggling the head around the repair is doing the job. If it fails in the future, I’ll update this post.

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