Summer RV Interior Renovation Project Part Three

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Two Simple Upgrades

In part three of my summer RV renovations, I tackle a couple very simple upgrades. First up is the installation of a light fixture in the under the bed storage area. This has been a long asked for addition by my lovely wife. Since a happy wife equals a happy life, I thought I better get my butt in gear and fulfill the request early on in my renovations.

Second I will install a new shower fixture called the Oxygenics Fury RV. If you have followed the blog you may know I upgraded from the crappy OEM shower head to an Oxygenics BodySpa last summer and love it. I guess the company really liked my blog post and video. They offered to send me their new Fury RV model to try out and give my feedback on.

Oxygenics Fury RV shower head

Installing an RV Under Bed Storage Light

Our Keystone Cougar fifth wheel came with a great feature, a large under the bed storage area. We use it for all sorts of things and access it often. Unfortunately the way the lighting is set up in the bedroom it remains very dark in there even in the fully flipped up position.

My wife has been asking me for a while if I could install some lighting as using the flashlight gets tiresome. Rather than install a wireless “small battery” operated solution I decided to wire in a permanent fixture running off the RVs 12 volt electrical circuit.

Underbed storage light installed

Project Parts List:

I was happy to find a convenient place to tap into the rigs DC circuit located at the 12-volt input connection to the trailers wireless remote’s controller module. I then drilled a hole in the floor between the under bed storage and the front basement storage compartment. I installed an inline magnetic switch and automotive dome lamp fixture and ran all the wiring.

The dome light came with a standard 1.5 amp incandescent type lamp so I swapped it out with a low current .35 amp LED lamp. This is important because the magnetic reed switch is only rated for .5 amps. Also, it saves battery power when boondocking.

Now when the storage is opened the light comes on automagically. My wife is very pleased!

Oxygenics RV Fury Shower Head

We’ve been extremely pleased with the Oxygenics BodySpa shower head I installed last summer. When the company offered to send out a review sample of their new RV Fury model I was all over that!

The RV Fury has 5 different spray patterns but still retains the impressive stream power of the BodySpa model, even when campground pressure is low. Instead of a single on/off stream flow valve it has a built in slider type flow control, perfect for boondocking.

Installation is dead simple, within just a few minutes I had it all fitted together in place of my old model. The only thing I had to do was remove the old plumbers tape, clean the threads and apply some fresh tape to prevent any leaks. The head itself is very stylish with a nice brushed nickel appearance. It actually perfectly matches our other RV plumbing fixtures used in the bathroom and kitchen sinks.

The only negative thing I can report is the stream flow valve doesn’t completely shut down the water flow and dribbles. I did a bit of research and this is on purpose to prevent a possible backup of scalding hot water. I may take my chances though and install myself a full inline shut-off valve.

After my hard install work, I was hot and sweaty so right away gave the new shower head a test run. I’m happy to give the Fury RV a “Love Your RV!” two thumbs up. The water pressure was great and it was nice to have the precise flow control and spray patterns.

Summer RV Renovations Video – Part Three

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