Tadibrothers Wireless License Plate Backup Camera Review

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Last fall I published installation and review posts for a Tadibrothers brand wireless backup camera system for our RV. Recently Tadibrothers offered to send me another of their products. It’s an easy to install wireless backup camera, that attaches to a vehicle’s license plate. I agreed to review it based on how much I’ve liked the first camera system. It’s performed well and has been an excellent addition to our rig.

For me, the camera is handy for backing up of course, but the killer application IMHO is as a rear view monitor for traffic. It’s helped reduce my blind spots, and I can now keep track of vehicles tucked closeup our trailers butt, out of sight of my towing mirrors. I’m pleased to have the extra level of safety during lane changes, particularly on busy city streets and freeways.

Back up camera rear view image

Disclaimer: Although I received no monetary compensation for my review, I did receive a free review sample of this wireless backup camera kit courtesy of TadiBrothers.com. – Ray

Installing the Slip-On License Plate Backup Camera

The beauty of this particular kit is the ease of installation. Perfect for those that don’t want to drill mounting holes on the RV. The wireless camera comes with an L-shaped metal bracket designed to slide behind the license plate. There is a strip of 3M mounting tape to hold it in place.

Tadibrothers Wireless License Plate Backup Camera mounted

After mounting the camera the next task is to locate 12VDC power and ground. For operation exclusively as a backup camera, you could tap into the vehicle’s back-up lamp circuit. But on an RV you’ll likely want to use it as a rear monitor during driving. For me, I’d use the RVs running lights circuit so when the marker lights are on my rear camera is on. Another viable option would be to splice into license plate lamp’s wiring.

Tadibrothers Wireless License Plate Backup Camera Kit

The other half of the kit includes a 5 inch LCD monitor powered by a cigarette lighter style adapter. It mounts on the dash or windshield with an adjustable suction cup arm. Just plug it in, and you’re ready to go. You should see an image from the wireless camera if not there are pairing buttons to finish the setup. Mine synced up right away, though.

Tadibrothers Wireless Licence Plate Camera Review

To test out the Slip-On License Plate Backup Camera kit I decided to utilize my recently purchased NOCO GB150 battery booster box. I used the NOCO’s 12-volt output to power the camera in various potential mounting locations around the rig and to see how far the signal could travel. Signal was a full 4 bars mounted on our truck’s license plate and two bars when located 40 feet away just beneath the fifth wheel trailers license plate. Max distance before losing signal was around 150 feet or so. Not bad!

Back Up Camera Test Jig

Next, I mounted the camera inside our trailers rear facing window then tested it out on an extended RV travel day. Traveling in a city environment, on an interstate highway and out into the rural countryside. I did get some signal blackouts and glitches when in heavy traffic through the city, much more than with my RV birdseye camera. Once in less populated rural and small town areas though the signal was stable.

 The license plate camera’s picture was bright enough, but I wouldn’t call it spectacular just adequate to see vehicles. The wide angle lens was wide enough to see traffic on both sides. 

Tadibrothers Wireless License Plate Backup Camera image

As a rear view monitor for an RV this kit, in my opinion, would be suitable for a smaller Class C, truck camper or van. For a larger RV, I’d advise the bird’s eye RV backup camera kit I previously installed. It definitely experiences fewer blackouts and glitches likely because it has the external antenna versus the built in one on the license plate cam. But the kit cost is higher.

Finally, I checked out the camera’s night vision capabilities. The picture had a lot of graininess and artifacts, but objects are recognizable even in complete darkness. I’d say range would be about 20 – 30 feet. Not great but a handy feature to have.

License Plate Backup Camera: Pros and Cons


  • Easy Installation
  • Decent looking picture and resolution
  • Robust feeling camera body and mount
  • Waterproof camera
  • Camera and display paired up right away
  • Came with window/dash mount and 12-volt power socket adapter for the display
  • 30-day money back warranty
  • US based company with telephone support and excellent website


  • Higher priced than many other brands
  • LCD display plastic body feels a little cheap
  • Picture color balance leans too much to the pink side

Video Review Tadibrothers Backup Camera Kit


The Tadibrothers Slip-On License Plate Wireless Backup Camera Kit performed well. Perfect for RVers with a small sized rig looking for a simple to install and setup rear camera system.

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