Top 5 on the 2017 Love Your RV Christmas Wishlist

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Every year I put together a little Christmas RV wishlist for Santa. Over the years I must have been a good boy as a great many items have been stroked off the list. You would think after full-time RVing this long I’d have everything I could possibly want by now.

Not true! Haha. The neat thing about RVing for a gadget geek like me is there are always shiny new things I want to have. Christmas and birthday time is when I get those not necessarily need to have things, but really want to have stuff. Here are this year’s top five. Are you listening Mrs. Claus?

1) VIAIR Automatic Compressor

Last winter an RVer friend of mine showed me his new VIAIR 450P-RV 12 volt air compressor kit. Ever since I saw it, I’ve been pining for one of my own. It would make a terrific upgrade to my old cheap Slime 12-volt tire inflator I’ve been using for a decade now.

VIAiR 450P-RV Automatic Compressor 

The VIAIR unit will inflate the tire much faster. Its able to run continuously for 40 minutes without a break. I’m hoping this compressor inflates much quicker and is quieter than my cheap compressor. With four trailers tires and six truck tires topping them up can take a while. As my number one request, I’m cautiously optimistic this will be under the tree Christmas morning. If so, expect a full review.

2) RV Lock Keyless Entry System

Our RV entrance door lock is getting a little tired, and we are still using the original OEM key, which means many other RVers have the same key and can easily open our rig. I’d love to install the RV Lock Keyless system giving us much-improved security and multiple ways to unlock the RV door. It comes with three unlocking options. A remote fob, numbered combination lock or just in case a traditional key.


So many times I’ve had an armload and had to fumble in my pocket for my keys. Would be nice just to punch a code. Also helpful if we forget our key, no more crawling into the basement storage and up through the laundry trap door. Been there done that.

UPDATE – I got the RV Lock for Christmas! You can see my install and review post here.

3) Instant Pot Duo Mini 3 Qt

I’ve heard about this Instant Pot thing more and more lately. I also see it often on my Amazon affiliate sales listings. Curiosity and seeing great reviews has gotten the better of me, and I want one. I’m the chief chef in our RV household. This little unit, if it works as advertised, should help consolidate multiple appliances into one.

Instant Pot Duo Mini 3 Quart

Instant Pot® Duo 7-In-1 Multi-Use Programmable Cooker replaces seven kitchen appliances –  Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steam, Sauté/Searing, Yogurt Maker & Warmer. It’s programmable, saves energy and best of all designed by Canadians!

4) Drain Master Pro-Series Smart Valve Kit

Ever since I upgraded my RV sewer hose to the WasteMaster system always connected option, I’ve wanted to complete it with the addition of a set of electric waste valves. No more pulling on mechanical rods and levers. Instead, dump the tank with a push of a button, so cool!

Drain Master Pro RV Electric Dump Valves

The Drain Master Pro electric valves are relatively expensive, but I’ve seen them demoed in person. They appeared to be a quality product meant to last.

5) Traeger Portable Tabletop Electric Smoker Grill

Last winter I had the pleasure to eat a steak cooked on a Traeger PTG Electric Smoker. An RVing couple we met at Rock Hound State Park in New Mexico invited us over for dinner. The steaks he cooked with this little smoker were mouthwatering and tender with a terrific smoky flavor.

Traeger PTG Electric Smoker Grill

Ever since then I’ve wanted one for our summer months spent on full hookups in (Salmon Captial of the World) Campbell River, BC. I can only imagine what a fresh caught wild Pacific salmon would taste like, yumm. A bonus is the small size of just 13″ tall it can comfortably fit in my fifth wheels basement storage area.

Well, that’s my top 5 RV gadgets I’ve submitted to Santa this year. Anyone of them will make me a happy camper come the 25th. I hope you get the RVing goodies you desire as well. 🙂 From Anne, Angie and myself to all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Cheers! Ray

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Top 5 on the Love Your RV 2017 RVer Christmas Wishlist -

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