Handy Mod to Keep My Truck Starter Batteries Charged Up When Parked

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In this video, I use a spare 40 amp MPPT solar controller to help cobble a system together to keep my truck batteries topped up. I utilized an existing 100W solar panel I have previously mounted on a toolbox and a 12VDC port in the truck bed.

This mod is desirable since I’m now running multiple surveillance dashcams/cameras in and on the truck while parked. The extra recharge power while the suns out will help keep the truck batteries charged and extend their life.

I can also use this new truck solar system to charge other batteries and even add more solar panels for faster charging up to 40 amps via a portable ground array.

Solar Charging Mod for my Truck Batteries

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This video shows how I have modded up a solar-powered battery and inverter installation in one of my truck tool boxes. Mostly I did it to power my Thinkware dash cams parking survivance mode power. But it will also be handy for other things like nighttime campsite rodent deterrent lights.

Truck Battery Solar Charging Mod

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