Our Boat’s Lithium Battery Power System – (July 2024 Revision)

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In this video, a look at the latest incarnation of our boat’s primary house battery bank system. When we bought the 34″ tri-cabin trawler named “Vestri” last summer, it came with two battery banks. The engine starter bank consists of two 12VDC AGM batteries wired in series and a house bank with four 6VDC golf cart-type batteries wired in series-parallel.

While the previous battery setup was sufficient for the previous owner, we were eager to boost our boat’s power capacity. This upgrade allows us to power a Starlink Internet Dish, 12VDC Freezer, our computers, and more, even during extended days at anchor. We’ve left the existing system intact and added a second house bank of lithium batteries, significantly increasing our power capacity. For more details, check out our off-grid system video from last summer. 

This year, I upgraded the second house bank batteries from three Aolithium 100Ah to two Xantrex 240Ah, which will mate well with the 2000W Xantrex Inverter/Charger we installed last year.  Total Ah capacity is increased to 480Ah.

Xantrex Boat Lithium Battery Bank Diagram July 2024

To charge the larger-capacity Xantrex bank, I’ve added a couple of extra chargers to the system:

  • BougeRV 40 amp solar charger
  • SRNE 50 amp solar charger
  • SRNE 30 amp DC-DC charger

A separate 400-watt solar panel array feeds each solar charge controller. The 30 amp SRNE DC-DC charger is connected to the original lead-acid house bank so the boat’s alternator can charge the lithium house bank when underway.

Like last year, I installed a Junctek battery monitor to quickly check the system by glancing at its display. So far, the system is working great!

2024 Boat Lithium House Battery System Upgrades

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Our Boats Lithium Battery Power System - July 2024 Revision

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