Our Boat’s Off Grid Power System as of Sept 2023 – Complete Look

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When we bought our CHB trawler “Vestri” in June 2023, its off-grid power system was relatively limited. It consisted of two 100W solar panels, a 15 amp solar charger, and 4 Trojan 6V batteries. Good enough for some boaters, but we are heavy power users, having been spoiled by our extensive off-grid system in our RV.

Vestri a Anchor with Solar Panels Deployed

The main extra draws on the boat are a second 12V fridge/freezer, Starlink internet dish, computers, chargers, and an electric blanket for Anne. We also want to be at anchor for days even if the sun isn’t always shining that well. We boat in the Pacific Northwest on the BC coast, so clouds, fog, and rain, even in summer, aren’t unusual.

So, over the last few months, I have reorganized the wiring, upgraded the inverter/charger, installed a second (300Ah lithium) battery bank, and added more solar panels plus power monitors, fuses, etc. In this video, I walk you through my latest off-grid power system incarnation via a block diagram and then show the real-world hardware. It’s just a snapshot in time, though, as I’m sure I will continue to tinker and refine it as we go. Cheers, Ray

Vesti Off Grid System Diagram as of September 2023

Vestri’s Off-Grid System Walkthrough Video

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Vestri's Off Grid Boating Power System as of September 2023

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