Removing and Resealing RV Slide Out Window

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In this video, I pull out one of my slide-out windows and inspect it for any leaks or water damage. Then I remove the old butyl tape sealant, clean, and reseal with fresh butyl tape from Alpha Systems. The job is fairly straightforward, and the window was small enough to do myself.

First, I unscrewed the valance and blinds, then the inside metal frame. At this point, the window was held in place by the existing sealant. Outside I used a hive tool/scraper to pry the window out carefully. Once out, I removed all the old sealant and cleaned the window and camper sidewall. Finally, I applied new butyl tape to the window frame and screwed everything back in place.

It was nice to find no leaks behind this window. I think once the butyl tape has settled, I’ll trim the outside edge and add a bead of non-sag calling sealant as a second layer of defense.

Resealing Our Keystone Cougar Slide Window

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Removing and Resealing an RV Slide Out Window

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