RV Air Conditioner Maintenance – New Gasket Seal + Clean & Lube

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In this video, I replace the sponge gasket the seals our Cougar fifth wheel’s rooftop air conditioner. Our RV is now 10 years old, and recently I spotted a few dribbles of water coming out of the inside AC panel.

I solved the problem temporarily by tightening the mounting assembly, but I figured the old gaskets days were numbered. So, I ordered a new sponge gasket and waited for a nice day to get up on the roof and pull off the AC. Our AC is a Coleman Mach 3 Plus.

Since I had the AC removed, I decided it would be prudent to bring it down for a good clean, lube, and inspection. I gave both the condenser and evaporator coils a clean and straightened any bend fins. Then, I lubed the fan motor bearing and coated any rusty-looking parts with Lippert Chassis Shield Rust Inhibiting Spray.

New AC Gasket plus Clean and Motor Lube

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RV Air Conditioner Maintenance - New Gasket Seal + Clean & Lube

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