Random Summer Day in the Life of a Fulltime RVer

Random Day in the Life Full Time RVer Feature Photo

A year and a half ago I recorded a Random Day in the Life of an RV Boondocker video while we were visiting Quartzsite Arizona and many folks seemed to appreciate it. So, I decided to repeat the idea and do a second “Day in My RV Life” video. This time it takes place at one our … Read more

10 Tips For A Successful RVing Blog

Ten Tips for a Successful RVing Blog Feature Photo

For nearly five years now I’ve been plugging away at the Love Your RV! blog. I’m passionate about RVing and love to share my experiences as a full-time RVer. Passing on what I’ve learned. It’s so rewarding to hear from other RVers telling me how much they enjoy the blog and how it’s helped them … Read more

8 Things That Suck About My Full Time RV Lifestyle

8 Things That Suck About My Full Time RV Lifestyle Feature Photo

Introduction If you’ve read my blog or followed along on various social media channels you probably think we live a very charmed life, and we do. Many of you are likely sick of hearing how great it all is traveling around and living full time in our RV. Well, I thought I would twist things … Read more

Snowbird Season 2014/2015 is Upon Us

Off Like a Herd of Turtles November 4th we loaded our beloved Cougar fifth wheel aboard the Coho Ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles and set sail to another year chasing new adventures down south. The ferry trip and border crossing went smoothly and soon we were back on US soil. First thing to do…. … Read more

The Mobile Internet Handbook Review

Mobile internet Handbook Review 2014 Feature photo

** Updated for 2014* I wrote this eBook review last fall and since then a new, bigger and better Mobile Internet Handbook for 2014 has been released. Rather than being just a revised copy with only a few updates due to technology changes Technomadia have done a complete rewrite. They have added a ton of … Read more

Three Years Traveling Full Time in an RV

Three Year in an RV Feature Image

Introduction Three years ago today my lovely wife Anne and I were finishing up moving out of our just sold house and moving into a brand new Keystone Cougar Fifth Wheel RV. Sitting in the driveway alongside the new RV was a new to us 1994 Ford diesel one ton truck we named “Big Baby … Read more

RVing stop along Highway 101 Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach Feature Photo

Introduction The last few RV snowbird seasons have seen us use the Highway 101 route up and down the Oregon Coast from our home on Vancouver Island to the US South West. We love it for a few reasons. Being on the temperate coast we are less likely to encounter snow and icy conditions. The … Read more

Top 10 Campsites from 2013/14 Snowbird Season

Top 10 Campsites 2014 Feature Photo

Introduction Another fun-filled snowbirding season is winding down and we now head for our summer haunts on Vancouver Island, BC. I thought it would be a good time to look back at the places we visited and pick out my Top 10 Campsites from 2013/14 Snowbird Season.  Of the ten that I picked out only … Read more

Boondocking at Alabama Hills BLM

Alabama Hills Feature Photo

Introduction I’ve driven Highway 395 through the little town of Lone Pine, California several times and was totally unaware of the Alabama Hills and the unique landscape hiding just to the west of town. It wasn’t until I read about it on a few other blogs that I was clued into this gorgeous boondocking opportunity. … Read more