Replacing Old Winegard Batwing Antenna with New KING Jack

Replacing Old RV TV Batwing Antenna with a King Jack Low Profile

In this video, I replace our old Winegard batwing TV antenna with a lower-profile KING Jack HDTV Directional Over-the-Air Antenna including the optional mount and signal finder add-on. The compact, low-profile KING jack antenna is better suited for use with my large rooftop solar panel array. Less shading and the old antenna required lots of … Read more

Removing and Resealing RV Slide Out Window

Removing and Resealing an RV Slide Out Window Feature Photo

In this video, I pull out one of my slide-out windows and inspect it for any leaks or water damage. Then I remove the old butyl tape sealant, clean, and reseal with fresh butyl tape from Alpha Systems. The job is fairly straightforward, and the window was small enough to do myself. First, I unscrewed … Read more