Big Baby Blue Our 1994 Ford F350 Truck

1994 F350 Ford 7.3L IDI Truck Feature Photo

Our Friend Big Baby Blue I’ve had several requests through email and in comments on the blog and YouTube to give a little more information about our truck. You likely have seen him in my photographs. He is a 1994 Ford F350 truck that we affectionately nicknamed “Big Baby Blue”. Blue came to us like … Read more

Trailer Towing Tips Info

Trailer Towing Tips Feature Photo

Practice, practice, practice! This has to be the all-time best tip you can get. You can read all the information you want, but the only way to truly learn is by doing it over and over. It’s how you learned to drive your car, right?  So take some cones and mark out pretend scenarios, like … Read more

Hunter 42999B Digital RV Thermostat Install

Hunter 42999B Digital RV Thermostat feature photo

Our Keystone Cougar 276RLSWE Fifth Wheel came equipped with a Coleman-Mach Analog Thermostat to control temperature when using either the Airxcel Air Conditioning or the Suburban LP Gas Furnace. I noticed a problem right away with trying to maintain a comfortable temperature in the rig. It seemed like there were large swings in temperature between … Read more