Boondocking Power Upgrade – Added Separate 500W Solar Panel Ground Array

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In this video, I go through the current state of my RV boondocking power systems. Over the last year or so, I’ve added more solar panels, a 40 amp DC-DC charger, and a new 40 amp MPPT solar charge controller. With all these recent additions, a major reorganization to the existing system and wiring was in order.

The new 40 amp MPPT solar charger will be used for my 940W rooftop solar array, and I’ll repurpose my old Bogart Engineering 30 amp charger for a 500W remote ground panel array. I go through and explain all the wiring hookups and safety protections and then demo the system in action.

New System Charging Flow Chart

Charging flow chart diagram

The new remote ground array will come in most handy when trees shade the main rooftop array. Also, during cloudy or short winter days when daily solar power is much more limited.

RV Boondocking Power Upgrade Video

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