End of Winter Update + Upcoming Spring RV Maintenance Projects

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In this video, I remove the EZ Snap winter skirting and pack up the other winter RVing stuff to take to our storage room. I update you on the skirting performance, etc., and take a look at how the 3M nonresidue duct tape worked out after 5 months.

Then I give you a peek at some of the spring RV maintenance projects I have planned. On tap is cleaning up my electric waste valve install, finishing off my trailer suspension upgrades, plus replacing the slide-out rubber roof and the rooftop air conditioners foam gasket. I’ll also be reviewing Lippert’s Alpha Systems line of RV roofing and sealant products.

End of Winter, the Skirt Comes Off + Spring Maintenance

Update on the No Residue Tape – Yellowed Strip is Gone!

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