SOK 280Ah Lithium Battery – Self Heated for Low Temp Use

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Recently, the folks at SOK Battery offered to send me one of their newest models to review. I jumped at the chance, impressed with a past SOK 100Ah battery I reviewed in 2020. The SK12V280H model sports a total capacity of 280Ah 3594 watt-hours at 12.8V plus built-in heating pads for charging capability in environments below freezing. 

SOK 280Ah Self Heated Battery

It will be perfect for my truck toolbox power station, which I’ve been working on and refining. The review will be split into several videos, starting with how I will use it in the toolbox power station, then a test of the self-heating function and a teardown of the battery to see the build quality and components used. Finally, I’ll have a video with charge/discharge/capacity tests and overall likes and dislikes.

Truck Box Power Station Battery Update

Here’s a quick look at the latest version of my truck toolbox power station featuring the addition of the new SOK 280Ah self-heated lithium battery.

SOK 280Ah Battery Teardown & Self-Heating Test

I first tested the self-heating feature of the SOK 280Ah Model SK12V280H, then did a teardown to find the heating pads and examine the battery build quality. I’m extremely impressed by the high design standard and ease of disassembly. The battery would be a breeze to work on if parts needed changing.

Note: There is a misprint on the BMS board. The charge/discharge current is 120amps/200amps.

Suggested bolt torque settings = 9NM (Newton-Meters) or 79.6 Inch Pounds

Stay tuned for the next video in this review, which will cover charge/discharge and capacity tests. In the meantime, it will keep being used in my toolbox power station. Cheers, Ray

SOK 280Ah Battery Longer-Term Review Video

I’m back with a longer-term follow-up video on the SOK 280Ah lithium battery. I’ve used it for a few months, powering my truck toolbox power station with no problems to report. It has had several deep discharges with power draws near 1500 watts. I’ve been using a little 40 amp Powerqueen lithium battery charger I’m testing for recharging. I’ve found the overall battery capacity slightly higher than advertised at around 285Ah versus 280 Ah.

In this video, I test the max charge/discharge rates. The spec sheet lists a maximum discharge current of 200 amps and a peak of 250 amps. I test that using my 3000W Motomaster Inverter. I also test the maximum charge rate of 120 amps using my Xantrex Freedom XC Pro inverter/charger.

Overall, the SOK SK12V280H battery is an excellent value for the price. It is built to last a long time, has decent performance specs, and can be DIY repaired and maintained if required.


  • Heavy Duty Case and Terminals
  • Excellent Internal Build Quality
  • High-Grade Lithium Prismatic Cells
  • Self-Heating Feature for Low Temp Use
  • Easy Disassembly for Repairs
  • Bluetooth App
  • Connect up to 4 in Series
  • Connect up to 10 in Parallel
  • Good Support – USA Warehouse
  • Economically Priced
  • 7 Year Warranty


  • Heavier Due to the Amount of Metal Use
  • Side Terminals May Be an Issue in Some Installs
  • Weak Bluetooth Signal
  • Screwheads on Bottom

SOK USA Website

SOK Canada

SK12V280H Manual and Spec Sheets

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