DIY Truck Tool Box Off Grid Power System

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In this video, I show you my roughed-in version of a project I’ve been puttering around with lately. I’m utilizing various spare off-grid electronic components and batteries to build a toolbox power station for my pickup truck bed.

Tool Box Power Station Diagram
Tool Box Power Station Diagram

The primary purpose is powering my multiple dash cams in parking mode for surveillance and storing extra power for my off-grid camping. I’ll return with a second video once I optimize the design and pretty things up. Stay tuned!

Project Part 1 Video – Roughed-In Wiring & Test

Tool Box Power Station – Completed Overview

This follow-up video shows you my completed off-grid truck toolbox power station. I start with a block diagram overview, then show how the stuff is connected and fused for safety and a demo of the various devices in action.

Battery Update – SOK 280Ah Self-Heated LiFEPO4 with Bluetooth

Here’s a quick look at the latest version of my truck toolbox power station featuring the addition of the new SOK 280Ah self-heated lithium battery.

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