RV Power Awning Repair – Switch Stopped Working

RV Awning Power Switch Wiring Repair Feature Photo

In this video, I locate and repair an intermittent connection in my Dometic 9100 RV power awning 12VDC supply wiring. The wireless remote worked fine; however, the manual switch most times wouldn’t move the awning. Only a faint clicking could be heard. So, I removed the control panel and had a look at the switch … Read more

RV Digital Thermostat Upgrade Mod *Explained*

RV Thermostat - Analog to Digital Upgrade Explained Feature Photo

I swap out my OEM Coleman Mach manual slider type thermostat for a battery-operated Honeywell RTH5100B digital with auto heat and cooling changeover. I’ve done this particular upgrade a few times in the past. First I upgraded to a Hunter 42999B and then to a Honeywell Focus Pro 5000 series. The Hunter worked well but … Read more

10 Little Love Your RV Tips and Tricks

10 Love Your RV tips and tricks Feature Photo

In this video, I share a collection of 10 little RVing tips and tricks I’ve gathered over the last couple of years. Each wasn’t enough for a video, but all together they may be helpful.  1) Hitch Hookup Height – measure and cut 1×2 lumber to use for indicating the correct height to hookup up … Read more

Repairing Broken String on RV Day/Night Shade

RV Day Night Shades Restring Repair Feature Photo

In this video, I remove a valance and a set of RV day/night shades from one of my slide out rooms windows. Recently the blind stopped functioning correctly after one of the strings broke. I show you the contents of the United Shade repair kit I bought and how the shades come apart and the … Read more

RV City Water Check Valve Disassembly and Repair

RV City Water Check Valve Repair Feature Photo

In this video, I remove and disassemble the RV’s city water input connection. Inside is a plastic check valve plunger, a spring, retaining clip and small rubber O-ring. Our city water connection has been weeping water when using the onboard water pump and fresh water tank, for dry camping. I figured what was happening is … Read more