LA’s Totally Awesome Cleaner – RVing Tip

LAs Totally Awesome Cleaner Tip Feature Photo

In this quick RV tip video, I show you 3 inexpensive but terrific cleaners for around the RV. An all-purpose liquid spray cleaner, powdered detergent, and concentrated cleaning vinegar all from a company called LA’s Totally Awesome. Note: I have no relationship with the company and bought the products myself from a dollar store. Thanks … Read more

Tips for Keeping the RV Cool Without AC

Tips for Cooling the RV without AC Feature Photo

Introduction We do a bunch of boondocking on BLM and Forestry lands and dry camping in National, State and County parks. Because of this we often find ourselves without electrical hookups and no way to run our rooftop air conditioner to cool the RV during hot days.  We could fire up our two 2000 watt Champion … Read more

Quick and Easy Tip for Connecting Wires – Wago Lever Nuts

Easy Wire Connection Lever Nuts Feature Photo

In this video, I show you a neat little product called Wago Lever Nuts to help make connecting wires a snap. No soldering or crimping needed. The only tool required is a wire stripper. They are also simple to disconnect and can be reused. Handy for testing and troubleshooting circuits They wouldn’t be suitable for … Read more

10 Little Love Your RV Tips and Tricks

10 Love Your RV tips and tricks Feature Photo

In this video, I share a collection of 10 little RVing tips and tricks I’ve gathered over the last couple of years. Each wasn’t enough for a video, but all together they may be helpful.  1) Hitch Hookup Height – measure and cut 1×2 lumber to use for indicating the correct height to hookup up … Read more

Allstays Pro for RV Trip Planning

Allstays Pro Feature Photos

In this video, I give you an overview of my favorite go-to piece of software for locating camping and finding RVing related services on the road. It’s a web-based browser application designed for use on larger laptop/desktop computers called Allstays Pro. Allstays also makes popular apps for IOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. I … Read more