RV Checklists App Called ChecklistPro & Our Departure Checklist Items

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Since using and maintaining an RV involves plenty of tasks and procedures, it’s best to have some sort of RV Checklist. You may have an excellent memory, but even the best of us can forget something, usually when you’re tired after a long day’s travel or it’s dark and raining.

Most likely of all, the friendly RV site neighbor decides to talk your ear off while you’re setting up or breaking camp.

RV Checklists App

Many folks use the tried and true pen-and-paper method and write out a checklist by hand. We own an Ipad, so it was only natural to find an app and use it for our RV Checklists. There are many decent apps to choose from, available for most smartphones and tablets. We chose to go with one called RV CheckList by Dan Senatro – (Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with RV Checklist, I only use and like the product.)

RV Check List is a tool that provides various checklists for the RV owner. These task lists cover various phases of the RV adventure. A fellow RV owner who decided there should be a better way then multiple hand written checklists or trying to depend on your memory wrote this application.

RV Checklist on the App Store on iTunes

The RV Checklists app comes preconfigured with standard lists you would use while RVing and some maintenance ones.  Examples are: Arrive at Site, Depart Site, Winterization, and First Aid Kit. You can customize each list to suit your needs and create your own lists.

The most important list for us is the “Departure Checklist.”  It’s the one that prevents us from being the RV you see driving along with its TV antenna up, awning out, sewer hose & power cable dragging, or worse. 

UPDATE: 2022 Our 11-year-old iPad has finally died, and it looks like the IOS app we were using is no longer available.  So, I located and bought an Android App called ChecklistPro from Adventure Trek. It seems to do the job. You can create/edit or export lists in CSV format to share or edit on a computer and import them back to the app. 

ChecklistPro Screenshots

RV Checklist App Demo Video

Our RVing Departure Checklist

Indoor Stuff

  • Secure Loose Items
  • Secure Cabinets and Drawers
  • Interior Doors Secured
  • Windows Closed and Locked
  • Refrigerator Items Secured
  • Refrigerator Power
  • Blinds Anchored
  • Table In
  • Close Sink Drain
  • Drinking Water Put Away
  • Cutting Board Stowed
  • Vent Fans Off
  • TV Antenna Down
  • AC & Heat Off
  • Hot Water Off
  • Water Pump Off
  • Take Out Trash
  • Plug In Rear View Camera
  • Lunch/Drinks/Snacks
  • Glasses/Sunglasses

Outdoor Stuff

  • Remove & Store Flag Pole
  • Remove & Store Weather Station
  • Remove and Store Hummingbird Feeder
  • Inspect Roof
  • Remove Starlink Dish
  • Clean Off Slide Roof
  • Retract Slide Out Room
  • Secure Sewer Tote
  • Stow Chairs/BBQ/Fire Bowl/Mats etc.
  • Stow Water Regulator/Bucket/Ladder
  • Retract Awning
  • Disconnect Sewer/Water/Power/TV Cable
  • Drain Holding Tanks
  • Add Fresh Water
  • Propane Tanks Off
  • Retract Rear Stabilizer Jacks
  • Check Tires & Lug Nuts
  • Inspect Undercarriage
  • Hitch Up Truck
  • Perform Tug Test
  • Retract Landing Jacks
  • Store Leveling Blocks and Wheel Chocks
  • Stow Entry Steps and Lock Trailer Door
  • Storage Bays Locked

Tow Vehicle

  • Secure Back Seat Cargo
  • Turn on Tire Monitor, Check PSI
  • Attach Rear View Camera Display
  • Attach GPS & Set Route
  • Truck Bed Cargo Secure
  • Attach Tow Cable
  • Attach Trailer Safety Disconnect
  • Make Sure Tailgate is Closed
  • Check Gauges
  • Check Fuel & DEF
  • Adjust Mirrors
  • Check Truck & Trailer Lights
  • Final Walk Around
  • Give Ray a Kiss!
  • Test Trailer Brakes

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RV CheckList App

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