Tips for Keeping the RV Cool Without AC

Tips for Cooling the RV without AC Feature Photo

Introduction We do a bunch of boondocking on BLM and Forestry lands and dry camping in National, State and County parks. Because of this we often find ourselves without electrical hookups and no way to run our rooftop air conditioner to cool the RV during hot days.  We could fire up our two 2000 watt Champion … Read more

5 Stupid Things I Have Done To Damage My RV

Flat Tire

Reading through my blog you may come to the conclusion that I’m a pretty competent RVer and would never do something completely bone-headed. Hah! Even the best of us is going to have their moments. I count myself lucky that I haven’t done anything to cause injury or major financial cost, but I done some … Read more

Love Your RV – Tips for the RV Life eBook

Tips for the RV Life eBook

Tips for the RV Life eBook I’m very excited my first eBook Tips for the RV Life is finished!  All monthly newsletter subscribers receive a *free* copy! The newsletter is also being changed from basically a weekly blog update to a full-fledged newsletter. Plans are to include the most popular blog post excerpts, a … Read more

Metal Detecting Goes Well With RVing

Ace 250 Metal Detector

Ever since I was a small boy I loved to find treasures. I remember scouring the neighborhood in search of pop bottles or lost coins. When I grew up and metal locators became available I bought one and was hooked. Nothing like the thrill of unearthing that rare coin, gleaming gold ring or historic artifact. … Read more

Fifth Wheel RV Maintenance

Cougar 276RLSWE Door Side View

Introduction With the complexity of the modern RV comes a need for a fair amount of maintenance to keep it running smoothly and safely. Below you will find my personal Fifth Wheel RV Maintenance list. No RVers list will be the same as there are many variables that go into what needs done and when. … Read more

RV Checklists

RV Checklist

Introduction Since using and maintaining an RV involves a great deal of tasks and procedures it’s best to have some sort of RV Checklists. You may have an excellent memory but even the best of us can forget something, usually when you’re tired after a long days travel or its dark and raining. Most likely … Read more

Exploring the Red Rock in Sedona

Cathedral Rock, Sedona

Last spring we rolled down into the Verde Valley of northern Arizona and checked in at the Verde Valley Thousand Trails RV park. Booked in for a two-week stay we were super excited to use it as a base for exploring the red rock in Sedona. Driving into Sedona for the first time was jaw … Read more